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Digital Humanities Caucus

In the last decades, computing has become a standard part of academic and scholarly life, both in American Studies and across the disciplines.

At the least, computers are necessary tools that facilitate research, teaching and communication, but for many practitioners computing has served to reshape both the methods and theories that underlie their work. While many members of the American Studies Association are actively working in areas of digital humanities, and many more are influenced by the rise of new approaches that computing has enabled, there has yet to form a unified point of contact for ASA members interested in pursuing digital humanities from within an American Studies framework.

The Digital Humanities Caucus will work to further communication and collaboration by:

  • Bringing together ASA members who are working across the various areas of digital humanities, including for example: digital history, electronic literature, cyberculture studies, virtual communities, GIS, online scholarly publications, the creation of digital editions and collections, and the creation of digital tools (cyberinfrastructure) for humanities scholars.
  • Addressing directly the issues and practices of digital pedagogy and digital research as they affect the field of American Studies.
  • Creating and sharing resources among Caucus members and with the wider ASA membership, through the ASA Web site and related venues.
  • Working to foster greater mutual awareness among digital humanities scholars in American Studies and in other humanities disciplines.
  • Developing proposals for conference sessions and related events for potential inclusion on the ASA annual meeting program.

Please join us! (Members should also join our Listserv discussion list.)

Contact information:

Carly Kocurek (chair)
Illinois Institute of Technology

Amanda Phillips (co-chair)
University of California, Davis

Lauren Tilton (co-chair)
Yale University

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Reminder: Please Sign Up for Our E-Mail List

As a caucus, we have a lot of business on the horizon. With that in mind, please sign up for our e-mail discussion list so that we can be in contact regarding elections, events, and other news. Join the list here: https://listserv.umd.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A0=DHCAUCUS

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Featured DH Caucus Events at #2015ASA

Please join the Digital Humanities Caucus for our featured events at #2015ASA!

Friday October 9

Sponsored Session: “Digital Shorts: The (Re)production of Misery and the Ways of Resistance”
2:00 - 3:45 pm, Sheraton Centre, Yorkville West
(Please register although walk-ins welcome too, see http://www.theasa.net/caucus_digital_humanities/item/cfparticipants_digital_shorts_at_the_2015_asa/)

Sponsored Session: “The Shadow Archive: Digital (Re)Assemblages of Ephemera”
4:00 - 5:45 pm, Sheraton Centre, Yorkville West

Saturday October 10

Business Meeting: Digital Humanities Caucus
5:00 - 6:00 pm, Sheraton Centre, Yorkville East

Digital Humanities Mentoring
6:00 - 7:00 pm, Sheraton Centre, Yorkville East
(Pre-arranged but some walk-ins available, see http://www.theasa.net/caucus_digital_humanities/item/want_to_get_started_on_a_digital_american_studies_project/)

Informal Dinner Gathering
7:15 - ?, meet at Yorkville East and adjourn to nearby restaurant

Questions? sgarfinkel “at” loc.gov or @footnotesrising on Twitter

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CFParticipants: Digital Shorts at the 2015 ASA

The Digital Humanities Caucus of the American Studies Association seeks ASA conference attendees to participate in a session entitled Digital Shorts: The (Re)production of Misery and the Ways of Resistance. The session will consist of “lightning talks” in which participants describe digital projects in 3-5 minute presentations, receive community feedback, and discuss issues raised by the talks.

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Want to get started on a digital American studies project?

We may be able to help!

At this year’s American Studies Association annual meeting in Toronto, the Digital Humanities Caucus would like to help you get started on a digital project by offering one-hour consultations with experienced digital humanities practitioners. We’ll hold these consultations from 6 to 7 p.m. on Saturday, October 10, in the conference hotel.

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Digital Humanities @ #2014ASA

The Digital Humanities Caucus is pleased to announce a series of sponsored sessions and events at the 2014 American Studies Association conference in Los Angeles, November 6-9. Please join us!

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