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ASL Interpretation

The ASA will provide ASL interpretation for panels with hearing-impaired presenters. The ASA will also provide sign interpreting services to registered members in attendance as follows:

In order to make the necessary arrangements, hearing-impaired members who will need sign-interpreting service at the ASA annual meeting must notify the Office of the Executive Director (OED) and register for the meeting at least one month in advance of the meeting (October 9, 2017). After reviewing the program, but not later than one month in advance of the meeting (October 9, 2017), members who have made such requests should inform the OED of the sessions they plan to attend. The OED will then, with the assistance of the Site Resource Committee and the Registry of Interpreters, secure the services of appropriate interpreters. The ASA will assume the cost for up to nine hours of interpreting service or a maximum of $400 per member, whichever is less.