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ASA Screening Room Schedule

ASA Screening Room Schedule
Puerto Rico Convention Center, Room 206

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10:00 am Skydancer (Katja Esson, dir.) 75 mins.
A provocative look at Indian life in the 21st century through the eyes of Mohawk iron workers in contemporary New York.

12:00 pm No Job for a Woman:  The Women Who Fought to Report WWII (Michele Midori Fillion, dir.) 61 mins.
The lives and work of three reporters who fought the glass ceiling in US journalism and in the process invented a new kind of war reportage. Q & A with producer Maria Agui Carter.

2:00 pm Atomic Mom (M.T. Silvia, dir.) 80 mins
A cinematic dialogue between two survivors from different sides of nuclear warfare:  Pauline Silvia, who worked as a biologist at a Nevada test site, and Emiko Okada, a Hiroshima survivor.

4:00 pm Mas de 800 Razones (More than 800 Reasons) (Osvaldo Budet, dir.) 60 mins. Subtitles. Premiere
On the watershed April 2010 University of Puerto Rico strike that shut down 10 campuses serving nearly 65,000 students for two months over increased costs, cuts and privatization. Q & A with cinematographer Carlos Perez.


10:00 am The Learning (Ramona S. Diaz, dir.) 98 mins.  Subtitled.
A year in the lives of four Filipina women who move to Baltimore to teach in inner city schools.

12:00 pm A Place Called Home (Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri, dir.)  30 mins.
In 1998, Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri returns to post-revolutionary Iran after 19 years as an emigrant in the United States.

1:00 pm Mía Argentina (Javier Van de Couter, dir.)  105 mins. Subtitled.
Based on the true story of a takeover of an island off Argentina by a transgender community.  From the Puerto Rico Queer Filmfest. Director’s discussion with Javier Van de Couter

4:00 pm Apache 8 (Sande Zeig, dir.)  56 mins.
Tells the story of an all-women wildland firefighter crew from the White Mountain Apache Tribe in Arizona.  Three generations across thirty years.


10:00 am Roberto Clemente (Bernardo Ruiz, dir.)  60 mins.
A legendary baseball player and committed humanitarian, Clemente left Puerto Rico to play for the Pittsburgh Pirates and become US baseball’s first Latino Superstar, then died tragically on an earthquake relief flight to Nicaragua.

1:00 pm Aquel Rebano Azul (The Blue Herd) (Guillermo Gómez Álvarez, dir.) 99 min.  Subtitled.
Commissioned by Puerto Rico’s Civil Rights Division, this film gives a historical overview of the current police brutality crisis in Puerto Rico, recently the focus of an ACLU report and lawsuit, via vivid videos and eyewitness accounts. Director’s discussion w/ Guillermo Gómez Álvarez and ex director of Civil Rights Division and University of Puerto Rico Professor, Dr. Palmira Ríos.

4:00 pm Anna May Wong:  In Her Own Words (Yunah Hong, dir.)  56 mins.
Traces the story a this third-generation Chinese American movie star who blazed trails in both Hollywood and Europe, but who for generations of movie-goers became the face of painted doll/dragon lady stereotypes. 


10:00 Amigo (John Sayles, dir.)  2 hours, 5 mins.
An understated, poignant, deeply human canvas of one baryo in the crossfire of empire and resistance, and of a ragtag but lethal detachment of U.S. soldiers who find themselves halfway around the world walking point for their country’s new imperialist policy.