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University of Illinois faces a censure vote at AAUP’s annual meeting

AAUP—which has vocally opposed the university on the Salaita case all along—says in its report that Urbana-Champaign and the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois System violated association and university standards for academic freedom and tenure in rejecting Steven Salaita’s appointment without demonstrating cause, after he’d already been assigned classes.

ASA Executive Committee Statement on the Salaita Case

AAUP reports also condemn the University of Southern Maine, which acted in “brazen disregard” of AAUP’s statement on and its own procedures for shared governance in eliminating multiple academic programs, including American and New England Studies, without consulting the faculty. 

AQ Call for Papers: Special Issue

The 2016 special issue of American Quarterly, tentatively titled “Tours of Duty and Tours of Leisure,” will focus on the convergences of tourism and militarism as crucial manifestations of US imperial strategy. US militarism permeates the economy and culture in occupied territories, allied states, and postcolonial regions alike, generating political and economic dependencies in a decidedly colonial grammar. In each instance, tourism is held up as a promise and panacea for emergent markets, even as the tourist economy glosses over, hides, or romanticizes histories of war, violence, and terror. Tourism and militarism converge within and outside US military bases, in their shared personnel, and through interchangeable technologies and logics. They can also be entangled in “eco-tourist” adventures, volunteer missions, memorial pilgrimages, along with numerous other sites, illuminating intersections between militarization and the neoliberal regimentation of modern life.

This special issue seeks to explore the mutual and cogenerative genealogies, technologies, ideologies, and geographies of tourism and militarism, with particular interest in how they collaborate to shore up US geostrategic interests, as well as provide instances where US hegemony might be critiqued and dismantled.

Topics might include theorizations of genealogies of hospitality and occupation; tourisms of occupation, war, and demilitarized zones and borders; tourisms of battlefields and memorials; sex tourism and its military/militarized clientele; the gendered and sexualized modalities of tourism and the military; labor histories of tourist and military economies; the relationship between tourism, terrorism, and notions of “security”; the interplay between military surveillance and the tourist gaze; demilitarization tours and activism; the use of drones and other militarized technologies for travel; the police state and tourist safety; the militarization of tourism through state policies such as travel advisories.

Submissions are due August 1, 2015. Authors must address the guest editors and clearly indicate that their submissions are intended for the special issue in their cover letter. Accepted submissions will appear in American Quarterly, volume 68, issue 3 (Fall 2016). Learn more about the submission guidelines.

- See more at: http://www.americanquarterly.org/submit/cfp.html#sthash.tOI075Qe.dpuf

We are also pleased to announce the addition of the following new issues to the MUSE database:

American Quarterly
Volume 67, Number 1, March 2015

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CFP: Biennial EAAS Conference, 22-25 April, 2016, Constanta, Romania

Proposals in all areas of American Studies are now cordially invited for the 2016 European Association for American Studies (EAAS) conference! The biennial EAAS conference will take place from 22 to 25 April 2016 in the lovely coastal town of Constanta, Romania.

Download the 2016 EAAS Call for Proposals (pdf version) here. The Call may also be found at the conference website and proposals may be submitted at any time between now and 15 June 2015 via the easy-to-use online form at http://www.enl.auth.gr/abstracts/index.html.

With this open-call for proposals the 2016 EAAS conference creates the context for wide-ranging explorations of our subject landscape without limiting the opportunity for in-depth concentration and innovative co-operations. Your EAAS colleagues trust that the invitation to join our meeting in 2016 will inspire you to submit a proposal and to take part in this important biennial meeting. We look forward to seeing you in Constanta.

[CIES Fulbright] Opportunities in American Studies

This year, the Fulbright Scholar Program is again offering over 60 awards in the field of American Studies. Exciting opportunities are available in many countries including but not limited to:

For further awards in the field of American Studies, American History and American Literature, please visit our updated Opportunities in American Studies webpage. There you will find award highlights and examples of successful projects in the discipline.

For eligibility factors, detailed application guidelines and review criteria, please follow this link: http://cies.org/program/core-fulbright-us-scholar-program. You may also wish to register for one of our webinars or join our online community, My Fulbright, a resource center for applicants interested in the program.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens and the current competition will close on August 3, 2015.

Sports Studies Caucus Lineup for ASA 2015

The Sports Studies Caucus is thrilled to announce that four affiliated panels (including both of our “sponsored” submissions and one co-sponsored with the Critical Prison Studies caucus) have been selected for the 2015 ASA Annual Meeting in Toronto! They are listed below. The conference schedule remains TBA.

Between Misery and Resistance: The Connections between the Carceral State and Sporting Cultures - Noah Cohan (chair), Frank Guridy, Jack Norton, Theresa Runstedtler, Lucia Trimbur, David Stein (comment)

The (Re)production of Sexual Violence in Sports and the Ways of Resistance - Susan Birrell (roundtable chair & respondent), Maryam Aziz, Cathy van Ingen, Jay Johnson, Jennifer McClearen, Mary McDonald

Sports on Screen: Visual Economies of Representation in Film, Television, and Digital Media - John Gennari (chair), Aaron Baker, Rachael Joo, Samantha Sheppard, Travis Vogan

Troubling a Racial Slur: Researching and Resisting the use of R*dskins in Sport - C. Richard King (roundtable chair & respondent), James Fenelon, Jennifer Guiliano, Erica V. Lee, Ellen Staurowsky

Early American Matters Caucus’s two sponsored sessions

Good morning, and here we go with the results of our Caucus’s recent vote to pick two sessions, from among the eight early-American-flavored ones that’re on this October’s program, to designate as “Sponsored by the Early American Matters Caucus”:

“Colloquy with Ed Baptist on THE HALF HAS NEVER BEEN TOLD”
“Troubling Region: The Problem of Geography in Teaching ‘the Early Americas’”

  Looking forward!

—D.M., co-choreographer with Sari Altschuler of the EARLY AMERICAN MATTERS Caucus

2014 Annette Kolodny Prize

Announcement of the prize competition for the best paper presented at the 2014 ASA.

The Gloria E. Anzaldua Award for Independent Scholars, Contingent or Community College Faculty 2015

The Women’s Committee calls for submissions to the seventh annual Gloria E. Anzaldua Award for Independent Scholars, Contingent or Community College Faculty.  Hosted by the American Studies Association, this award honors Anzaldua’s outstanding career as an independent scholar and her labor as contingent faculty, along with her groundbreaking contributions to scholarship on women of color and to queer theory.  The award includes a lifetime membership in the ASA, a lifetime electronic subscription to American Quarterly, and $500. Applicants must work in American studies or a related field and work as independent scholars and/or as faculty at community colleges or in a contingent capacity (i.e., as part-time or full-time non-ladder-rank or non-tenure-track instructors, adjuncts, or lecturers).  Graduate students are ineligible.  The winner will be announced at the Women’s Brunch during the annual meeting of the association to be held October 8-11, 2015, Toronto, Canada.