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Feb. 1 | CFP 2015 Annual Meeting
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Mar. 1 | 2015 Franklin Prize
Nominations for 2015 John Hope Franklin Publication Prize for the best-published book in American Studies due

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ASA Launches Nationwide Initiative to Document Assaults on Academic Freedom and Higher Education

November 7, 2014

Media Contact:

Stephanie Willerton
646-775-1041 mobile
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Los Angeles, CA - The American Studies Association (ASA), one of the leading scholarly communities supporting social change, today announced at its annual conference a nationwide effort to document and publicize instances of assaults on academic freedom, faculty profiling, widespread dismantling of academic programs in American Studies (as well as Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Ethnic Studies, and other allied programs), access to education, and hostile environments on many campuses for faculty and student labor organizing and protest.

“Against a backdrop of rapidly changing economics in higher education, it’s clear that university scholars and students in America are increasingly under attack,” said ASA President Lisa Duggan of New York University. “From elimination of tenure, to the expansion of a precarious class of adjuncts and instructors with neither the benefit of academic freedom nor the basic dignity of a living wage, to a burgeoning cohort of students drowning in debt, these assaults on higher education are part and parcel of political and economic privatization efforts that will have devastating long-term effects.”

The effort, called Scholars Under Attack, will document examples of assaults on academic freedom, program cuts, labor organizing and political protests, and instances of faculty profiling. The following examples have occurred just in the past few months:

* In August 2014, Steven Salaita, a former tenured professor at Virginia Technical Institute whose tenured job from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) was rescinded when UIUC decided statements he made on Twitter about Israel and Palestine were “uncivil” and made him inappropriate for the classroom.

* In Spring 2014, University of Southern Maine announced a plan to cut dozens of tenured and untenured faculty and staff, as well as several masters and undergraduate programs. Faculty members disputed the university president’s claim that the cuts were financially necessary. The Board of Trustees approved the elimination of 50 faculty members, which made up almost 20 percent of its total, and a number of departments, including American and New England Studies. English, philosophy and history departments would be collapsed into a single humanities department.

* In October 2014, Utah State University received an email threatening a mass killing if the school did not cancel Anita Sarkeesian’s lecture.  Although Sarkeesian, a video game critic and feminist, requested metal detectors and pat downs, she was forced to cancel the event because it is illegal to restrict the possession or use of firearms in Utah.

“In addition to methodically documenting and raising awareness, it is our goal with Scholars Under Attack to build a more systemic response to these issues and moving forward begin to reverse these trends for the sake of America’s scholars, students and renowned system of higher education.”

About the ASA

Chartered in 1951, the American Studies Association has 5,000 members dedicated to promoting meaningful dialogue about the United States, throughout the U.S. and across the globe. Our purpose is to support scholars and scholarship committed to original research, critical thinking, and public discussion and debate. We hold in common the desire to view US history and culture from multiple perspectives. In addition to being the oldest and largest scholarly association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of US culture and history in a global context, we are also one of the leading scholarly communities supporting social change.

Annual Meetings 2015

The (Re)production of Misery and the Ways of Resistance, October 8-11, 2015, Toronto, Canada

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Call For Proposals: CHASA Spring 2015: Urban Places, Digital Spaces

The annual conference of the Chesapeake American Studies Association (CHASA) will be held at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) on Saturday, March 28 (plenary panel discussion on Friday evening March 27).

The 2015 meeting theme “Urban Places, Digital Spaces” will investigate issues of place and space as well as the role of media and digital culture in an urban context. Papers may explore the impact of digital technology on cities or other places, examine specific digital projects on places, or analyze the changing nature of space in the digital age.

Looking Back to L.A.

Thank you L.A.!

The 1984 Los Angeles Olympics: A Thirty-Year Perspective

UPDATED: Sports Studies Caucus Events at ASA 2014

The ASA Annual Meeting starts tomorrow in L.A.! Click through for an updated list of Sports Studies events of interest at the annual meeting. Please note that LA84 Foundation President, IOC Member, and two-time U.S. Olympian Anita DeFrantz will be speaking at Saturday night’s LA84 event. (Transportation details can be found in the listing below.) Wine, soft drinks and light hors d’oeuvres will be served. We hope to see you there!

Also, whether you are in L.A. or not, follow all the goings on via the caucus twitter feed: https://twitter.com/sportstudiesASA

Visual Culture Caucus Schedule of Events; ASA Annual Meeting Fun and Fury

ASA Visual Culture Caucus Sessions at the Annual Conference, 1997-2013

“The Visual Culture Caucus works to support the critical investigation of visual materials at the American Studies meetings and to provide a network for scholars working in visual studies from diverse disciplinary homes. Its members include teachers, museum curators, librarians, and others who research a variety of visual forms and media, such as painting, photography, sculpture, film, television, advertisements, cartoons, visual ethnographies, and the Internet. The VC Caucus works closely with the national organizing committees and councils of the ASA, organizes and sponsors sessions, conducts business, and co-hosts a reception at the ASA’s annual meeting.

Through this discussion board, the Caucus acts as a clearinghouse for people teaching and doing research in visual culture and those seeking to broaden their community or to gain the advice of other scholars and teachers.  We are particularly devoted to the mentoring of emerging scholars, and encourage graduate students to participate in this forum, organize sessions through the caucus and attend our meetings.”