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May. 20 | 2014 Gabriel Prize
Nominations for 2014 Ralph Henry Gabriel Prize for the best doctoral dissertation in American Studies due

Jun. 30 | 2014 Angela Y. Davis Prize
Nominations for the 2014 Angela Y. Davis Prize for Public Scholarship due

Jun. 30 | 2014 Bode-Pearson Prize
Nominations for the 2014 Bode-Pearson Prize for Outstanding Contributions to American Studies due

Jun. 30 | 2014 Mary C. Turpie Prize
Nominations for the 2014 Turpie Prize for Outstanding Teaching, Advising, and Program Development in American studies due

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ASA Increases Membership and Support in Wake of Academic Boycott of Israel Endorsement

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April 10, 2014

American Studies Association Increases Membership and Support, Overcoming Pressure in Wake of Academic Boycott of Israel Endorsement

In the wake of the American Studies Association’s December 2013 endorsement of a Palestinian civil society call for an academic boycott of Israel - and as two efforts to legislate against academic boycotts fail to move forward in the Illinois and Maryland state legislatures - the ASA has gained new members and support. Over the past several months, the ASA has welcomed more than 700 new members. The ASA has also collected more membership revenue in the past three months than in any other three-month period over the past quarter-century and its ongoing “Stand with the ASA” grassroots fundraising campaign has exceeded the association’s expectations thus far.

Last week, South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, released a statement in support of the ASA’s boycott efforts. In it, he states that: “In South Africa, we could not have achieved our democracy without the help of people around the world, who through the use of non-violent means, such as boycotts and divestment, encouraged their governments and other corporate actors to reverse decades-long support for the Apartheid regime. ...The [anti-boycott] legislation being proposed in the United States would have made participation in a movement like the one that ended Apartheid in South Africa extremely difficult.” The day before his statement was released, an Illinois State Senate Committee rejected a resolution condemning academic boycotts. A bill to defund universities that subsidize faculty associations with organizations supporting boycotts was also scuttled in Maryland, where non-binding condemnatory language was instead inserted into the budget bill.

ASA President Curtis Marez stated, “Despite the backlash of the last few months, the ASA is thriving. The boycott vote is consistent with our longstanding support for human rights and opposition to war and militarism. Many Americans are now for the first time hearing about their government’s support for the occupation and discriminatory laws against Palestinians. I’m proud that the ASA helped open up discussion about BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) and the difference it can make.” Commentary by ASA leaders, members and supporters was published in the Los Angeles Times, Chronicle of Higher Education, Washington Post, New York Times, CNN.com, and the Chicago Tribune, among other news outlets.

In response to the legislative threats from politicians, threatened legal action, and physical threats from others, veteran attorneys have stepped forward to assist the ASA in responding to such legal bullying for taking a principled stand in support of Palestinian human rights. The ASA is not the only organization to face such bullying; in 2013 alone, Palestine Solidarity Legal Support, an initiative built in partnership with the Center for Constitutional Rights, documented more than 100 cases of legal and other intimidation against Palestinian rights activists on U.S. campuses.

Incoming ASA president Lisa Duggan noted, “We are looking forward to our upcoming annual meeting in November, which will feature a wealth of panels and events presenting first-rate American Studies scholarship on topics ranging from the politics of settler colonialism and transnational Black studies to popular culture and contemporary performance art. We will be welcoming Palestinian and Israeli scholars along with large contingents of other international ASA members poised to continue addressing matters of global concern affecting all of us.”

For more information or to speak with an American Studies Association representative, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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Annual Meetings

“The Fun and the Fury: New Dialectics of Pleasure and Pain In the Post-American Century, November 6-9, 2014: Westin Bonaventure, Los Angeles, CA

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Crossing Over, Borders & Bridges

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ASA 2014: Sports Studies Caucus Lineup

The Sports Studies Caucus is pleased to announce that four affiliated panels have been selected for the 2014 ASA Annual Meeting in Los Angeles. They are listed below. The conference schedule remains TBA.

To Protest or Not to Protest: Athletic Resistance and/or the Pleasure of Fans
   David J. Leonard (chair), Sarah Jackson, Harry Edwards, Jennifer Doyle, Darnell Moore, Santiago Colás

Views on the Peanut Gallery: An Open Forum on What it Means to Study Sports Fans
   Dan Gilbert (chair), Amy Bass, John Bloom, Noah Cohan, Mack Lacy, Thabiti Lewis, Pellom McDaniels III, Dan Nathan, Samuel O. Regalado

Examining the Somatic Pleasure and Pain of Mixed Martial Arts Fighting
   Kyle Green (chair/comment), D. Travers Scott, Jennifer McClearen, Alexander Antonopoulos, Matthew A. Masucci

Our City, Our Stadium: The Cultural Politics Of Sports Landscapes In Los Angeles
   Frank Guridy, Priscilla Leiva, Leland Saito, Luis Alvarez (chair/comment)

check out our CFP for our Feb ‘015 biennial, at the Atlanta Westin Hotel

Good morning. Krystyn Moon, who manages SASA’s website (and who’ll be our next prez!), has posted the Call For Participants for SASA’s next biennial conference—next February 19-22 at the Atlanta Westin Hotel—at http://www.southernamericanstudiesassociation.org.  As you’ll see, deadline for proposing a paper or a panel is September 14.

Rebecca Hill of Kennesaw State University, who’s organizing the conference, heartily encourages presentations, workshops, roundtables, and performance pieces that address the theme of Reconstruction, broadly conceived—and, as ever, SASA welcomes proposals on other topics that reflect the richness of American Studies.

As ever, we also welcome participation by graduate students and remind everyone that details about our Critoph Prize are at our website, along with links to our recent biennial conferences.  There’s also our Facebook site, so Like us—and mark your calendars now to be part of another exciting conference next February in warm Atlanta!  Looking forward, Dennis Moore

February 19-22 ‘015: SASA’ll be back in Atlanta

The Atlanta Westin Hotel will be the venue for the next biennial conference staged by A.S.A.‘s southern-regional chapter, next February 19 - 22:  “Reconstruction: 2015 - 1965 - 1865.”  Host Rebecca Hill of Kennesaw State University is encouraging presentations, workshops, roundtables, and performance pieces that address the theme of Reconstruction, broadly conceived, and as ever SASA also welcomes proposals on other topics that reflect the richness of American Studies.  We’ll list sample topics and the early-September 2014 deadline for proposals at our website, http://www.southernamericanstudiesassociation.org, which also has links to info about our recent biennial conferences and about the Critoph Prize, an award for the best graduate student paper presented at each biennial SASA conference. Don’t forget our Facebook page, where we hope you’ll Like us.—Dennis Moore, recovering SASA president

Postdoctoral Listing From Georgia Tech

Richard A. Yarborough Prize

The Minority Scholars’ Committee of the American Studies Association invites nominations for the 2014 Richard A. Yarborough Mentoring Award. The prize was established in 2012, and will honor a scholar who, like Richard Yarborough, demonstrates dedication to and excellence in mentoring. The winner will be announced at the Mentoring Breakfast of the Minority Scholars’ Committee during the annual meeting of the association to be held November 5-9, 2014, in Los Angeles.