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Home/Not Home: Centering American Studies Where We Are, November 17-20, 2016

Program Book for the 2015 Annual Meeting

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Sports Studies CFP: ASA in Denver, 11/17-20/2016

The Sports Studies Caucus of the American Studies Association seeks panel proposals for the 2016 Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, November 17-20, 2016.

In particular, we seek proposals that address the 2016 Annual Meeting theme: “Home/Not Home: Centering American Studies Where We Are.” We likewise encourage panel submissions that engage the Colorado/mountain/outdoor sportscape and its role in the sporting cultures of the Americas.

Reminder: Please Sign Up for Our E-Mail List

As a caucus, we have a lot of business on the horizon. With that in mind, please sign up for our e-mail discussion list so that we can be in contact regarding elections, events, and other news. Join the list here: https://listserv.umd.edu/cgi-bin/wa?A0=DHCAUCUS

Follow up, MCC meeting in Toronto

Summary, Business Meeting. Material Culture Caucus
Saturday 10 October 2015
Sheraton Centre, Peel Business Meetings Room

Attending: Cindy Falk, Zachary Violette, Emilie Johnson, Andrea Quintero, David Brody, Will Moore, Susan Garfinkel, Sarah Weicksel, Katie Lennard, Kyle Frisina, Sarah Scarlett, Matt Johnston, Debby Andrews (convener)

This brief follow-up summarizes some of our discussion of each agenda item and invites you to continue the conversation with any of the folks indicated below as having signed on for further duties. We welcome your contribution as we continue to keep material culture in our thoughts between ASA conferences.

Governance: With pleasure, I’ll continue as convener. But I welcome your participation on a steering committee that would assist in particular with the vetting of proposals for panels at the conference (see below). Please let me know if you’re willing to take on this role.

Sponsored Panels 2016. The theme is “Home/Not Home: Centering American Studies Where We Are.” November 17-20. As in the past, we will sponsor two “official” panels although we can also help to solicit, mentor, and organize others. Susan Garfinkel reminded us about the history of such efforts, including the reminder that all proposals must be accepted by the ASA Program Committee first before we can designate them as appropriate for sponsorship. Last year, on the Caucus’s 20th anniversary, we created a file listing our panels over those years, available at https://networks.h-net.org/h-material-culture

  Mentoring panels: Emilie Johnson and Anne Verplanck
  Organizing a round-table on teaching material culture: Will Moore
  Cooperating with standing ASA committees on panels: Susan Garfinkel
Those charged with soliciting proposals will post statements about this opportunity on our Facebook page (curated by Will Moore), on H-MatCult, and elsewhere. Please email the individuals named above—and/or me—if you are interested in proposing a presentation or otherwise serving to advance our presence at the ASA conference!

Reception 2016. Matt Johnston and David Brody have agreed to spearhead the search for an off-site location in Denver, where the next conference will be held. One suggestion, the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, is in a building designed by David Adjaye:

Off-site Tour 2016: Possibly the Museum of Contemporary Art (David Brody) or the Shriner’s Mosque (you read that right): Will Moore.

As always, please keep our Facebook page in mind for your reading as well as for posting items of interest. You can see photos of our meeting there now! Include a brief, one paragraph introduction to why the link or event is of interest. In addition, Susan Garfinkel, who is on the redesign committee, welcomes your suggestions about how a new ASA website can serve your needs. And let me know if you have any corrections or additions to this follow-up. Thanks to everyone for taking on these various tasks on behalf of the Caucus.

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Task Force on American Studies in Higher Education in the US and Globally

October 15, 2015

To: Directors of American Studies Departments, Programs and Centers
Fr:  The American Studies Association Executive Committee    
Re: The Task Force on American Studies in Higher Education in the United States and Globally

During the 2013 American Studies Association conference, the Executive Committee responded to a request from the Committee on American Studies Departments, Programs and Centers, and created a new Task Force to focus on the multiple challenges facing the field of American Studies in higher education.  The Task Force included members of the Committee, along with representatives from the Executive Committee and National Council, and has been quite active.  A Series of White Papers reflecting their efforts is available on the ASA website.

As we depart from the 2015 conference, it is important to clarify the membership and goals of the Task Force and Committee, and outline their specific projects and goals.

As of July 1, 2015, the members of the Task Force are:

Elizabeth Duclos-Orsello, Chair
Matt Jacobson
Rebecca Hill
Karen Leong
Chandan Reddy
Priscilla Wald

The Task Force will continue to focus on responding to the challenges and crises facing American Studies—including academic freedom and budgetary issues—by providing resources including the White Papers series, and responding to specific problem situations as they arise.  These are specific goals with which the Task Force has been charged:

  • To highlight and leverage key aspects of current contemporary higher education and civil society/democracy landscapes/discourse in order to make case for centrality of American Studies in and for these sectors.
  • To articulate the organic intersections between American Studies scholarship, theory, praxis and pedagogy & the major emphases currently shaping higher education (funding, ranking, sustaining or ending programs) and civil society/democratic practice discourse in US, Europe and around the world.
  • To find ways to make explicit (for students, faculty, deans, trustees, governments) the central place of American Studies in these conversations and implementation; with possible particular focus on integrated learning/synthesis, intercultural competencies and links between academy and civil society/role of higher education in democratic societies, and the long history of American Studies in these areas/endeavors.
  • To develop materials, tools and metrics that will assist chairs, directors, coordinators, faculty garner support for sustaining and growing American Studies programs, majors/minors, centers, departments, concentrations, courses and/or to position articulate and demonstrate that American Studies (in all of its forms) is critically important to the success of higher education specifically and civil society generally.
  • To work with the ASA National Office to develop American Studies as its own Subject Area in the Tuning Project, and to identify funding opportunities such as the Tuning Project to develop American Studies.

The Committee members as of July 1, 2015, are:

Hans Bak, Co-Chair
Andrew Schocket, Co-Chair
Robert Bleil
Dana Dudley
Kimberly Hamlin
Roy Perez
Lynnell Thomas

The Committee will continue its work of collecting information about American Studies Departments, Programs and Centers—as through their recent survey—and providing networking and coordination among ASA institutional members.  The specific goals of the Committee will be developed through interaction with program directors and department chairs, in areas not covered by the specific mission of the Task Force.

The ASA Executive Committee looks forward to working with both of these groups to strengthen the association over the coming year.

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Agenda, caucus business meeting

Agenda 2015
Business Meeting. Material Culture Caucus
Saturday 10 October 2015
Sheraton Centre, Peel Business Meetings Room

—Introductions and announcements

—Caucus governance: some questions for discussion

—Reception: comments on the 2015 reception and plans for 2016

—Soliciting and vetting two sponsored panels for 2016 (see below)

—Identifying theme-appropriate off-site event/tour options for 2016

—Guest-Curating ASA’s Facebook and Twitter feeds

—New business and open discussion

ASA 2016: Home/Not Home: Centering American Studies Where We Are November 17-20, 2016, Denver, Colorado

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